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Arlington Wrestling is proud to offer wrestling instruction for virtually all ages.  From those entering Kindergarten to High School Seniors, Arlington Wrestling has a program to best suit your ability.


High School

Be Part of the Team, Be Part of the Action: Become a Wrestler!

Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy. -- Dan Gable, Olympian


Character Development


The Arlington Wrestling high school program will, above all, strive to develop wrestlers into quality young men, prepared for future success in life.  We will instill and develop quality characteristics in our wrestlers:  Determination, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Respect, Responsibility, Discipline, Self-Control, Strong Work Ethic, Perseverance, Honesty, Integrity, Confidence, Humility, and Composure.

Program Philosophy


Every Arlington Wrestler will strive to become the best wrestler that he can become.  While we do not expect every wrestler to become a region or state champion, we do expect and demand that each wrestler works to be the best he can be with the tools he has at hand.  While the individual component of wrestling is one of the great and unique aspects of the sport, the team must and will come first.  Every Arlington Wrestler must be willing to sacrifice their individual achievement and do what is in the best interest of the team... only then will the Arlington Wrestling program reach its greatest success.



All Arlington Wrestling high school wrestlers are Student-Athletes, in that order. They are students first – and wrestlers second.  The most important things that wrestlers do at school each day is what they do in the academic classroom.  Wrestlers must become masters of time management in order to excel both in the classroom and on the wrestling mat.  We ensure that study time is made available to every wrestler before or after every practice.


Arlington Wrestling values practice as it is the cornerstone of the program.  Team members will be on time and exhibit an attitude to learn and work hard, striving to improve each and every day.  Practices will be purposeful and well-planned as there is no time to waste when training to be great.  Practices will be closed in order to ensure wrestlers can stay focused on the task at hand.

Eligibility Requirements

Arlington High School complies with the TSSAA eligibility regulations for student athletes:

  • Each student athlete is required to have an annual physical.  The physical is required for students who wish to tryout and/or participate.  The physical must be current (dated April 15th 2014 or later) for the 2014-15 school year.  See the individual coach to get a copy of the TSSAA physical form.

  • Effective January 1, 2014, TSSAA requires that all schools and community organizations sponsoring youth athletic activities must establish guidelines to inform and educate coaches, youth athletes and other adults involved in youth athletics about the nature, risk and symptoms of concussion/head injury.  Therefore, all active participants of AHS Athletics (players, parents, and coaches) must have a 'Student-athlete & Parent/Legal Guardian Concussion Statement' on file before they can actively participate in athletic activities.

  • Each student athlete must pass 5 credit hours the previous school year. If a student begins the year ineligible, they can regain eligibility at the end of the first semester if they pass five credit hours during that first semester.



Youth Wrestling from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade!

Our club offers a competitive youth wrestling program that encourages youth participants with the ideals of hard work, sportsmanship, and respect.  The youth program includes a Cub level for those boys or girls entering Kindergarten through the third grade and a Bobcat level for fourth grade through eighth grade.


The club operates out of Arlington High School and does local fundraising to help keep costs low.  Competitions are primarily on Saturdays, and most tournaments are local to the Memphis area.  Organized travel opportunities are available to tournaments in Middle and East Tennessee and in neighboring states for increased levels of competition.

Arlington Youth Wrestling  is a member of USA Wrestling and AAU wrestling.  We will have our most experienced group of wrestlers ever, but will also have many beginning wrestlers.  The team will have a wide range of experience and abilities, creating an environment suited for those new to the mat and to those with high expectations who expect to be challenged.

We believe strongly in youth athletics as it builds:

  • A commitment to graduate in students - you can't play in high school without academic achievement

  • Inspiration to higher education - the dream to play collegiate sports keeps students thinking about college

  • Good decision making habits - learning about teamwork builds character that helps keep students making the right decisions  



Join us at the annual Top Cat Wrestling Camp, a joint program taught by Arlington Wrestling high school and youth coaches!

Camp Programs are offered at the end of May each year and are for kids completely new to wrestling and those experienced wrestlers looking for additional instruction and mat time.  The Top Cat Wrestling Camp is a 2½ day Folkstyle Wrestling Camp for youth wrestlers (both boys and girls) entering Kindergarten through 9th grade.  It is held the last week in May after Memorial Day. The camp is held at the Arlington High School Wrestling Room & Gymnasium.  


All campers will be provided lunch Wednesday & Thursday.  Fitness is emphasized throughout camp.  On Friday, there will be a fitness competition and a live wrestling competition.  Parents are encouraged to come out and cheer on their wrestler.  Awards will be given out to the fitness competition winners. 

Two  camp divisions are available based on experience: Developmental & Advanced.  The Developmental division focuses on the fundamental concepts of positioning, offensive attacks and defensive counters, while the  Advanced division wrestlers will receive advanced technique instruction from AHS high school coaches to help keep their skills sharp.


How Wrestling can help Football, Lacrosse, or any other athlete?


Wrestling promotes Agility, Coordination, Quickness, Upper Body strength, Mental Toughness, Anaerobic and Aerobic Conditioning.  However, wrestling also builds an athlete's self-reliance or the ability to make things happen without help from others.  The ability to stay motivated in the face of adversity or through a tough practice is critical to success of any athlete or student. 

Coaching Staff


Arlington Wrestling Club and the Arlington Tigers Wrestling Program have a very experienced coaching staff. The coaching staff has a combined 75+ years of wrestling and coaching experience from the states of New York, Oklahoma, Missouri, New Jersey, Iowa, West Virginia, and Tennessee.  


Introduction to Wrestling

Incoming Freshman and Rising Sophomores

This program is a primer for incoming freshmen and sophomores who would like to try out for wrestling next year at AHS.  It is an 8- week program in June and July designed to provide the foundation on which to build the skills and work ethic needed to succeed as an Arlington High School wrestler. 

What to Expect


ITFW will prepare prospective wrestlers for the Tiger wrestling room by utilizing instruction, demonstrations, video, drills, live wrestling, and physical conditioning.  Specifically, you will:

  • Learn the rules and structure of a wrestling match to include starting positions, boundaries, and roles of coaches and referees

  • Learn fundamental movements and skills necessary to master basic techniques.

  • Learn offensive and defensive techniques from the three standard starting positions

  • Learn fundamental principles relating to body positioning, and leverage.

  • Learn to drill as the attacking and the defending wrestler.

  • Increase fitness through drilling, live wrestling, and physical training that focuses on developing the core, overall strength and stamina.

  • Participate in live situational wrestling sessions aimed at teaching you how to wrestle out of common positions and situations.

To learn more about the ITFW program, including important dates, location and cost, please click the button below.

High School Program
Youth Program
Intro to Wrestling Program
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