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Father Ryan Thanksgiving Surprise Tournament

When the Tigers left Arlington at 6am Saturday morning they thought they were headed to a 6 team duals tournament hosted annually by Father Ryan, instead they found out just after weigh-ins that the format had been changed to a round robin individual tournament. While the Tigers were disappointed to miss the opportunity to compete as a team, there was still plenty of tough wrestling matches to be won. The final results again show where work needs to be done ahead of the upcoming Blackhorse Tournament and the Cleveland Duals.

113 Asadoorian 0-4 126 Morgan 1-1 126 Cannon 2-0 132 Kerns 2-2 132 Baudoin 4-1 138 Donahue 3-1 132 Rozell 1-4 145 Poe 1-4 152 Phillips 4-0 152 Hull 1-3 160 Cockman 5-1 170 Josh Worley 3-1 182 Jordan 0-4 182 Antcliffe 3-0 220 Milton 1-1 HWT John Worley 2-0

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